Double Entendre


“I have always enjoyed this drawing and feel as if it represents our life force as luminous.” The electrical movement in the piece is both dynamic and full of energy. Yet, it is balanced by the calming effect of symmetry. This drawing began as a sketch done one evening in pencil. An enlargement was made. Then the drawing was rendered in colors that ranged from soft to bright and shaded to defined.

These colored pencil prints are printed on 100 percent archival quality, in full color, on acid free rag paper, signed by the artist with an HB pencil and indicated as A/P (artist’s proof.)

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  • Available in 13” x 19” and 20” x 30”
  • Color Print
  • Printed on Archival Paper in 100% Quality
  • Signed by Artist

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13" x 19", 20" x 30"

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