"I see something new every time I look at it." This is how people have described the art work of Paul Scoonover, and this is the reason they continue to enjoy seeing it in their home or business. The earliest pieces continue to enchant viewers with surprising details who usually say, "Wow," as they discover the complexity. Each piece takes months of patient stippling --- tiny dots of pen and ink that come together to create shadows, reflections, and surrealistic vision that elevates the common place into something fantastical. Because of the "wow" response to these pieces, this website was launched as the first opportunity to buy the intricate stipple drawings as prints.... Since those early pieces, Paul has continued to expand his vision, bringing bold colors into play in colored pencil, layers of acrylic that are subtracted by sanding to reveal an ever-changing view in a grand scale, layers of three-dimensional pieces interconnected with colorful gears stacked to become flowing, energetic creations. In each medium, the view changes every time you see it, giving you the opportunity to "be the artist". The connection with people is a big reason for this website. Paul invites you to visit or connect, to see what's new, and would love to hear from you about art, life, and sharing dreams of "Being More".

Pen & Ink

With a rapid-o-graph pen and surgical precision, lots of dots become complex illustrations over several months and countless hours. If you study a reflected image, it creates a parabolic view of the landscape that is translated into geometry and shadows.

Colored Pencil & Paint

Paul first connected to art through the colored pencil as a child. After years of training and professional experience, it is still through the colored pencil that he expresses emotion. Many of these evolve into acrylic paintings.

Sculpture & Mixed Media

Connective and kinetic, these three-dimensional pieces are created of gears, cut plastics, gesso, twine, splashed with acrylics or spray paint. Mounted in stacks with pins and glue, they are connected together on canvas or wood forms that add another dimension to Paul’s art.

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Paul Scoonover is an artist who’s works range from highly detailed stippled pen and inks with an Escher feel, to expressive free-flowing, colored pencil designs, to bold, large-scale acrylics combined with textural mixed media.
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