More Balls Then Brains


I think I drew this because all of a us males have this macho side of us that on occasion thinks it can take on the world. I think it is truly ridiculous but then again I have seen people actually put monster bikes together. This piece is a lot of fun, the fact that the biker is looking straight at you has that macho “bring it feel” to it. Bikers really like this piece.

Unique to all these drawings is their method of execution.
These are all stippled (pointillism) drawings using a rapid-o-graph pen on illustration board. Needless to say they take a very long time, but I truly enjoy the process. The actual prints are around half size of the originals and are printed on 100% archival quality acid free rag paper and each one is signed by myself with a HB pencil and indicated as a A/P (artist’s proof).

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  • Available in 13” x 19” and 20” x 30”
  • Black and White Print
  • Printed on Archival Paper in 100% Quality
  • Signed by Artist

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13" x 19", 20" x 30"

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